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Our Story


Jim Krouse founded Eureka Specialties in 1994 with the goal to create his own career stability within an industry that he had otherwise found to be unreliable. His plan: to start a company that would provide consistent quality and service at attractive prices for his customers. This simple strategy yields results that can be surprisingly hard to find for buyers of culinary herbs and specialty products. His success in this endeavor was particularly important to him at the time, as he was expecting his first child in the spring of 1994. Since then, Jim has succeeded in creating a successful enterprise that prides itself on its consistent performance and loyal customers, and both Eureka Specialties and Jim’s family have grown larger. Even more rewarding is that Jim’s success has not only provided his family with the stability that he originally sought, but it has also grown to provide the same stability to Eureka Specialties’ valued team members and their families.

Eureka Specialties relocated to our new facility in Commerce in 2021 with over 8,000 sf of refrigerated space. Eureka follows all recommended food safety guidelines and is audited several times a year to maintain this status. Eureka’s innovative but simple packaging procedures have made them one of the premier fresh culinary herb suppliers in the country. Eureka’s goal is to manage quality fresh herbs for our customers one day at a time.

Eureka is Greek for ​“I have found it”​ and when you open a shipment of fresh herbs from Eureka Specialties, you too will have found it - the herb supplier that you have been looking for! 

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